The Fallen Hunter

Codex Blair Side Stories, Book 2

Some things are worth death, even if you can’t have them.

I rebelled, and it was damn worth it. My fall from Heaven was worth every minute of pain. I loved my life, it was simple. Take what I want, when I want, and answer to no one.

Or at least, that’s how it was before she arrived. She shot into my life like a shooting star, blinding in her brilliance, then left me in the dark. Now, I have to find my way back to the life I used to lead, because one thing’s clear: I’m never getting her back.

I’d do anything to forget her, but nothing I do seems to work. That is, not until Cassiel showed up—my oldest friend, if you could call her that. The angel assigned by dear old dad to bring me back to the light. Hah. But she’s just the distraction I need, our game of cat and mouse is sure to take my mind off things.

But life isn’t done kicking me, not yet. Because something’s wrong with my demons—they’re not acting like themselves, they’re killing without permission, and worst of all: they’re feeling. I swore to lead and protect them, but I let that human distract me, and now the world is in danger.

If I can’t find myself, I’ll lose this fight. And Hell…Hell will be reborn into something far more terrifying than it’s ever been.

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