Samhain Resurrected

Codex Blair Side Stories, Book 3

Evil doesn’t take days off, least of all Halloween.

It was supposed to be a fun night, hanging out with my friends, being a normal person for once. I should have known better. 

That plan turned upside down when a medieval priestess yanked me out of my bed, out of my time, and out of my country to defend her village from the monsters that threatened them. 

Ever heard of a Dullahan? Neither had I, until that night. A headless horseman of Celtic lore capable of killing with a single word, whose path cannot be barred and no gates can keep out. 

And somehow I’m supposed to stop him. Me. A nobody from London with a few magic tricks up her sleeve. 

This Scottish town could be wiped off the map and out of history if I don’t do something about it. 

It’s me against the world again. Let’s see if I can save history.

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