Blood Queen

Ruled by Blood, Book 3

The shadows are her home, and death is her only friend.

Nina Rodriguez will do whatever it takes to survive. She survived a life chained up in the dungeons, she made it through the kill or be killed world of the hunters, and she escaped the vampire king.

But what good is surviving if you have nothing to live for?

She found that answer in the arms of a family of people like her--blood mages. The yearning to belong in her heart was answered, and now there is nothing she won't do to protect them. They are healers, not killers like she is, unprepared to handle what's coming their way.

Staying and fighting the half-vampires, half-werewolves that threaten their lives carries a risk with it, though. The vampires she escaped are hunting her, and if she stays, she could lead them right to her new family. She knows all too well that a fate in chains is worse than death, but how can she make that choice for them?

Everywhere she looks, there's another enemy, and time is running out.

But this blood mage has one trick up her sleeve no one was expecting. The vampire king.

Do or die, little hunter. You're playing with more than just your life.

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