Nina's life is turned upside down when a werewolf frees her from the vampire's dungeons and turns her into the most dangerous weapon this world has ever seen.

The humans came to Eyrus to terraform it, intending to create a garden of eden to replace the now destroyed Earth. They never thought to find a witch buried inside the planet.

When Blair Sheach accepts a job to get her much needed rent money, she stumbles into a world of magic more dangerous than anything she could have imagined.

What Readers Are Saying

"Izzy Shows has delivered a fast paced urban fantasy tale that will grab you almost immediately and introduce you to some very unusual and unexpected characters. Her writing is smooth and the plot is straight forward. Plenty of action with lots of magic and mayhem. Our heroine Blair first appears as a broken and flawed young woman who quickly must adapt to the paranormal world. I plan to grab the next book in this series as soon as possible."

- chbrown21, Amazon Reviewer

Izzy Shows lives in North Carolina with her boyfriend and stories to keep her company.  She writes urban fantasy  novels for new adults.  To learn more,

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